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About Symbiostock PlusSymbiostock is a WordPress theme that enables you sell images online from your own, easy to setup, online shop.

The theme was released a couple of years ago, and is free for everyone to use.

Today Symbiostock has gone through some changes. It is still free to use as standalone, but in addition you have the option to choose Symbiostock Plus. I have the Symbiostock Plus version.

Symbiostock Plus takes care of web hosting at a very low cost, starting at $5 Monthly. Your site’s URL will be or alternatively you can use your own domain name like I do

Symbiostock is easy to set up, and in short time you have your own shop to sell your work. The integrated Symbiostock Express theme is built specially for us who wants to sell images online.

You can find a lot of useful information in the forum on how to configure and set up your shop.

You can set your own prices and licenses or go for the default settings. There is a plugin for EU VAT from WooCommerce ready to use. Revolution Slider turn your shop to a beautiful professional site. For the SEO I use Add Meta Tags which generate tags from image description and keywords to each page. Very handy, but you can choose other SEO plugins like Yoast.

You can even automatically distribute your photos to agencies such as Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Fotolia and all the other agencies when uploading to Symbiostock.

Soon you can sell footage from your Symbiostock site with your own watermark.

Symzio, a powerful search engine, is coming soon. The aim is having a network of high quality images. Each one of us is responsible for choosing the best images to submit to Symzio. We will all benefit from having satisfied customers

I hope to see you on Symbiostock Artist Nework!